Beautify Your Home with a New Hardscape Design

South Floridians enjoy the advantage of warm weather throughout the year. It only makes sense to keep your property looking beautiful. The presentation of your home is a reflection of not only yourself, it also adds to the ambiance of your community. Adding new hardscape designs to your home is an excellent way to accentuate your property. Here are some popular hardscapes to create a better looking South Florida home.

Walkways are among the first features a visitor will notice about your property. One popular style is to create a pathway that connects your front yard to your back. Many South Florida walkways can be built using materials such as sandstone, limestone, brick, pebbles or marble. Your connecting pathway will be easy to clean of leaves and debris. Illuminating your pathway will make it look attractive and safer.

When you think of South Florida, water and tropical themes often come to mind. Adding water features such as a fountain or waterfall can also bring out the beauty and enhance the decor of your home. If you’re more adventurous, you can add a pond or stream in your backyard. Water features can provide your home with a relaxing atmosphere, whether you’re entertaining guests or just alone with the family.

If you have an existing pool, you may want to consider adding water features or even a beach entry or sun shelf. One the simplest ways to improve its look is to upgrade the finish of the paving. A change in the color or texture of pavers, or the addition of marble or travertine can change the mood of your backyard. Adding new decking can also be a good idea. A deck can provide additional space to set up your chairs or tables for outdoor living.

Building a garden terrace is a nice feature if you have a sloped area in your yard. If you don’t have a sloped area, you can still create terraces by adding necessary fill. A nice terrace can also add additional outdoor living area. This may be paved, or simply lawn. Make sure the terrace walls are built correctly. This will create better drainage and won’t compromise your efforts.

If you’re entertaining guests, impress them with a fire pit. You can install seating around the pit by using large stones, or concrete benches. You’ll never have more fun than roasting marshmallows, cooking food or just enjoying the open flame.

If you’re looking to add a new hardscape to your home, Michael J. Phillips Landscape Architecture Inc. can provide all the features you need to give your property a fresh look. Located in Delray Beach, Michael J. Phillips Landscape Architecture is able to complete a wide range of projects for both commercial and residential properties.

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