How Can A Landscape Architect Improve Your Property?

Many people fail to recognize that landscape design is an artistic science which combines aesthetic appeal with knowledge of the interconnections between foliage and the landscape of your property. A landscape architect in Palm Beach, such as one from our team at Michael J. Phillips Landscape Architecture, Inc., can help design a unique landscape which brings beauty and sustainability to your property. The landscape surrounding your home, business or office provides the first impression to your visitors. You can make sure that your landscape leaves a lasting impression for all the right reasons when you work with our team at Michael J. Phillips Landscape Architecture, Inc.Custom hardscape design by Michael J. Phillips

Commercial properties are beginning to recognize the importance of cohesive landscape design. Down in South Florida, our business’s buildings typically stretch across several acres. If you leave the exterior of your business untreated, you’re leaving an impression of unprofessionalism and general disrepair. This is especially relevant for large office and industrial commercial complexes, where the landscapes can be quite large. Perhaps you’re planning new office construction in Delray Beach. You may have sorted out the blueprints for the building itself, but if you ignore your landscaping you’ll be doing your business a disservice. We can help with the landscape design for your new office construction along with improving existing natural spaces for older properties. Our expert team can design luxurious landscapes for small commercial projects, office buildings and even expansive industrial complexes.

As more and more LEED buildings pop up around Palm Beach County, a growing number of business are considering how their landscape can complement their green building in Delray Beach. Our landscape designs can work within the parameters of your green needs, incorporating locally sourced and native plants which fit into growing environmental consciousness. Our green landscape options help you enjoy an outdoor space that feels incredibly natural while bringing the harmony and enjoyment which can only be offered by the professional designs of a landscape architect. At Michael J. Phillips Landscape Architecture, Inc., we believe that environmentally conscious landscapes do not need to feel like spaces which have been designed with constraints in mind. Our landscapes can still provide incredible foliage and shade while reducing environmental impacts.

Our landscape designs are ideal for commercial spaces, but also for residential properties needing beautification. The curb appeal of your home can be drastically improved with the services of our team at Michael J. Phillips Landscape Architecture, Inc. We can design customized landscape Smith pooloptions which can turn your property into an immersive oasis of natural beauty. Our experts can also design other elements of your property, including:

  • Swimming Pools
  • Patio
  • Outdoor Kitchens

When it comes to exceptional exterior design, our professionals believe that variety is the spice of life. Each landscape we create is designed with individualized needs, tastes and properties in mind. No two designs are the same, so you’ll be sure to receive a truly unique exterior space. A landscape architect from our team at Michael J. Phillips Landscape Architecture, Inc. can create the exterior design of your dreams. Call today to begin creating your own outdoor experience of exceptional beauty and natural design.

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