We Can Help with Resort Development in Delray Beach

South Florida is known for its incredible natural beauty, but the lush grass and stunning landscapes don’t come naturally. Our swampy climate and landscape can only be tamed through professional cultivation. At Michael J. Phillips Landscape Architecture, Inc., we believe that a quality landscape is a vital part of any property. The landscape provides the first impression, along with establishing the overall atmosphere of a building. If your landscape is communicating the wrong message, we’re here to help. A landscape architect in Palm Beach can help transform your landscape into an oasis of beauty and nature.

There are many landscapes which can be enhanced through professional design. For example, resorts contain large exterior spaces which can benefit from aesthetic design. People flock to Florida’s resorts for the amenities, but also for the beautiful tropical environment the state has gained fame for. A lovely resort-style tropical paradise doesn’t just sprout up naturally. A landscape architect can help with resort development in Delray Beach. At Michael J. Phillips Landscape Architecture, Inc., we focus on creating captivating resort designs that enforce an exclusive resort aesthetic. We can create many components of an exceptional exterior design, including:

  • Various grass types
  • Water features
  • Trees of varying species
  • Bushes
  • Outdoor kitchens
  • Flowers
  • Swimming pool design
  • Pathways
  • Exterior seating areas

Our landscape designs are ideal for resorts looking to create a truly luxurious exterior landscape. Our swimming pool design is one of our most popular services for resort development in Delray Beach and surrounding South Florida cities. We can design swimming pools of all shapes, sizes and features. For example, we can design a swimming pool with a built in spa and even watered lounging area to create a beach feeling. We all know how vital a luxurious swimming pool is to a successful resort, and our experts can design the swimming pool which brings your resort to the next level.

With a professionally designed exterior space, the entire ambiance of your resort can enjoy marked improvements. The exterior of your resort is each guest’s first impression, and when that first impression is one of luxury and beauty, everything else falls into place. Your entire resort will appear more finished, presentable and expensive with our professional designs. We can work with you one on one to determine which features you’re seeking in your landscape. Then, we will create a customized landscape design that offers the amenities and natural beauty your property needs.

At Michael J. Phillips Landscape Architecture, Inc., we’re led by registered landscape architect Michael Phillips. Mike has over 25 years of experience working with the top landscapes throughout South Florida, from single family residential properties to multi complex industrial designs. Under his expert guidance, you can enjoy a renewed landscape that’s as functional as it is beautiful. At Michael J. Phillips Landscape Architecture, Inc., we believe that a quality landscape is an artistic creation of expert design and creative perspective. With the help of a landscape architect in Palm Beach from Michael J. Phillips Landscape Architecture, Inc., you’ll be enjoying a luxurious landscape in no time!